Open Position
Innovative Polymer Nanotherapeutic Research Laboratory (IPONT) pursues multidisciplinary research that combines material science with biomedical application. We invite highly motivated MS and PhD students who are interested in working on acoustically active nanoparticles for nanoparticle mediated histotripsy. Students who have major on chemistry, polymer chemistry, material science and engineering, biochemistry, biotechnology can apply. Experiences on microemulsion system, protein conjugations and hydrogels are preferable but not necessary for application. Interested students can send their resume to Dr. Yasemin Yuksel Durmaz (

Innovative Polymer Nanotherpeutics (IPONT) Laboratory as a multidisciplinary team always welcome highly-motivated and talented members with a diverse educational and research background to our group. Please check the information below to learn about different opportunities currently available in our laboratory. We encourage and support interested students and postdoctoral fellows to explore different funding opportunities to support their research experience in the group.

Postdoctoral Researcher: IPONT as a multidisciplinary laboratory welcomes researcher in the field of material science, pharmaceutical science and molecular and cellular biology field. We recommend national and international researcher to apply to the TUBITAK Research Scholarship Programme.

Graduate Students: We invite Master and Ph.D. students who are interested in biomedical engineering, bionanotechnology, biomaterials, drug delivery and targeting, macromolecular (polymer) sciences to join our group.

Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate students with great enthusiasm for research work in the areas of biomaterials and drug delivery are welcome in the IPONT LAB. Accepted students are expected to commit a minimum number of hours every week towards their research projects