Tubitak 2515 (118Z952); “Development of siRNA Carrier “Smart” Ultrasound-active Nanoparticles and Investigation of Ultrasound Assistance to Gene Delivery” (Researcher), (COST- CA17103) 2019-2021 (Funded).

Turkish Academy of Sciences, Academy Prize; “Development of Breast Cancer Targeted, Dual-Drug Delivery System” 2018 (Funded).

L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science, “Young Women Scientists”” 2018 Fellowships.

Tubitak 1001 (118Z324); “Development of Mechanical Tissue Ablation “Histotripsy” Agents using Host-Guest Interactions” (Principle Investigator), 2018-2021 (Funded).

Tubitak 1003 (118S072); “Design of a Chronically Implantable Microelectrode Array for Measurement of Dopamine Concentration” (Researcher), 2018-2020 (Funded).

Tubitak 1001 (116Z534); “Development of Targeted, Dual-Drug Delivery System and Investigation of Anticancer Activity” (Principle Investigator), 2017-2020 (Funded).

Tubitak 1003 (315S240); “Using Drag Reducing Polymer Instead of Blood and Blood Supplies during Hemorrhagic Shock” (Principle Investigator), 2017-2020 (Funded).

TUBITAK-3001 (115Z845); “Development of Biocompatible Graphene Platform for Biomedical Applications and Investigation of Cytotoxicity” (Principal Investigator), 2015-2016 (Funded).